What is skills brokerage?

Skills brokerage is an impartial, free service focused on identifying businesses’ skills and training needs to support their growth.

The skills broker – who may be called an agent, an advisor or a guide – acts as an intermediary and helps navigate what is often seen a complex employment, skills and training system.

Often businesses, and in particular SMEs, do not have the time and resource to develop skills and training solutions. The skills broker helps businesses understand which skills needs they have, where to go for support and how to define their requirements to be able to make informed choices.


What is developed as part of the project?

A European network of trained skills brokers has been launched

Each partner appointed skills brokers who have been trained by the UK partner CMN on methods of business engagement and delivery of training needs analysis. The online and face-to-face training that took place between July and October 2017 also covered elements of apprenticeships recruitment processes and apprenticeship training. SERFA partners have now included skills brokerage in their service offer and are piloting this service in seven countries.


How does this benefit Small and Medium-sized Enterprises?

SERFA skills brokers are proactively engaging with SME employers to identify their skills and training needs to support the growth of their business.

Brokers produce individually tailored company training plans, which include the identification of potential apprenticeship vacancies within each business. These plans help SMEs understand what is required for their current and prospective workforce in order to support business development. They also assess the potential for each company to bridge the identified skills gaps with apprenticeships and in-company training. 


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