Cornwall Marine Network

Cornwall Marine Network (CMN) is a not-for-profit organisation owned by 300+ local marine businesses and dedicated to supporting the marine sector in Cornwall via initiatives that encourage profitability and growth. CMN helps the industry by increasing skills in line with future industry needs, identifying specific training needs, and ensuring that training products are developed to meet marine businesses’ needs at affordable costs.

Its subsidiary company the Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency (CAA) was established as a new model tailored to small businesses to reduce costs and risks associated with taking on apprentices. The CAA trades across all sectors and offers a unique and flexible approach to recruiting and training apprentices. CMN is the coordinator of the SERFA project.

Falmouth, Great Britain

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Aurélie Nollet


Austrian Institute for Research on Vocational Training

öibf's mission is to carry out high-quality research and development in order to support and promote activities and policies in the field of vocational education and training (VET). oibf focuses particularly on innovation in education and the match and mismatches with the labour market.

oibf's commitment to academic standards of scientific research and its high degree of professionalism have been key to the successful completion of more than 1,350 projects over the last 35 years. oibf's interdisciplinary approach to complex issues ensures a comprehensive and multi-faced investigation of the different aspects of VET. In SERFA oibf is leading on the research work to assess SMEs' needs and barriers in relation to apprenticeships.

Vienne, Austria

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Roland Löffler


Center RS zapoklicnoizobraževanje

The Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training (CPI) is a public institution founded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and co-funded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Chamber of Craft and Small Business. CPI monitors development trends in the labour market and prepares occupational profiles. CPI also prepares modern education programmes, monitors the process of the introduction of those programmes, and stimulates as well as coordinates the development of innovation projects in the field of vocational and technical education.

Ljubljana, Slovenia 

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Darko Mali


Federación Empresarialde Agroalimentación de la Comunidad Valenciana

FEDACOVA is the Federation of Food Industries of the Valencia region (Spain), bringing together 30 different Food Industry Associations, including the Spanish national associations of Ice creams and Tigernut Juice, Honey, Persimmon and Nuts, which represent more than 2.000 companies. 70% of all businesses in the food and agriculture sector of the Valencia region are part of the Federation, from fishing wholesalers to supermarkets and food storage specialists, encompassing the whole value chain of the Food Industry and a broad range of subsectors.

FEDACOVA provides a wide range of services to Food Industries through its staff, including training; consultancy for the implementation of quality, environmental, health & safety and innovation management systems; promotion of internationalisation; attendance to international trade shows; organisation of sectoral events or productions of specific guides and manuals.

Valence, Spain

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Cécile Sauvage


Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is a Greek organisation committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancement of entrepreneurship spirit. iED was established in 2005 to facilitate all the necessary pre-conditions required for the creation of an environment that will cultivate entrepreneurship and subsequently, social and economic cohesion and development. iED invests in innovation and aims to offer tailored, realistic solutions to enterprises and individuals in order to strengthen business culture and provide viable solutions to problems and challenges related to entrepreneurial activities.

In particular iED focuses on developing the skills and the wider potential of the human capital. Its activities, services and products address mainly the following target groups: enterprises, self-employed individuals and other professionals, business consultants, career guidance counselors, academic researchers and students, unemployed and other socially vulnerable groups (women - aging individuals - NEETs), volunteers and the youth.

Larissa, Greece

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Panagiotis Koutoudis


K.O.S GmbH

k.o.s GmbH supports and assists organisational and personnel development in companies and public institutions in the fields of initial professional and vocational education and training, lifelong learning, and education and career counseling.

K.o.s GmbH advises companies and organisations on the development of strategies and goals, planning and improving processes, procedures and structures, and with documentation. It provides assistance in the development of required competencies at both employee and leadership level. 
In doing so, it draws on years of experience and wide expertise in the fields of consulting, workshops, professional development, auditing and evaluation, and in the form of its own in-house concepts.

Berlin, Germany

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Göntje Schoeps


Maison de l'Emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle du Pays de Brest

MEFP dy Pays de Brest is a Public Interest Group governed by private law. It promotes local ways of improving job accessibility and cohesion, ever since it was founded in 2006.

MEFP’s aim is to involve local authorities, public services for local employment and economic and social partners in undertaking and running joint actions for employment and training.

MEFP supports SMEs through various actions. For example MEFP proposes human resource solutions or digital solutions to SMEs and facilitates the addition of an inclusion clause in public procurements.

Brest, France

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Sabine Le Rest:


Polish Foundation of the Opportunities Industrialization Centers “OIC Poland”

OIC Poland is not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting the economic development of the Lublin region. Its main aim is to prevent unemployment and foster economic development by implementing educational and counselling programmes and support services targeted at a great scale at SMEs in the region.

This is attained through:

• Unique training solutions (courses, seminars, conferences, counselling, national and international projects) targeted at employees and employers of SMEs, aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses, HR departments, etc.

• commercial offers of training services, 

• Loan Fund,

• comprehensive counselling and training programs aimed at improving skills and qualifications of people who are at risk of social exclusion, providing analysis and relevant expertise to social institutions.

Lublin, Poland

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Ewelina Iwanek

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