European framework

Apprenticeship schemes present different characteristics from one country to another. 

However in October 2017, four key criteria that EU countries and stakeholders should use to develop quality and effective apprenticeships have been adopted at EU level to help increase the employability and personal development of apprentices.

The proposed Framework proposes seven criteria for learning and working conditions:

  • Written contract;
  • Learning outcomes;
  • Pedagogical support;
  • Workplace component;
  • Pay and/or compensation;
  • Social protection;
  • Work, health and safety conditions.


The Framework also proposes seven criteria for framework conditions:

  • Regulatory framework;
  • Involvement of social partners;
  • Support for companies;
  • Flexible pathways and mobility;
  • Career guidance and awareness raising;
  • Transparency;
  • Quality assurance and graduate tracking.
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