Reports on SMEs’ needs

The main objective of the SERFA project is to develop tools to support small and medium-sized enterprises to take on apprentices.

For this purpose, it is necessary to identify the framework conditions for the apprentices' recruitment and training in the different countries and the needs of the enterprises. Therefore, a company survey was carried out among 240 SMEs in the 8 partner countries to examine the motivation for the engagement (or non – engagement) of enterprises in apprenticeships, experiences of the enterprises concerning apprenticeship recruitment and training, the support received from external (public and private) institutions, as well as the needs of the enterprises in relation to the preparation and implementation of apprenticeship schemes. The analysis of the company survey is intended to provide information on the support services companies need most.


In addition, country reports are prepared for the individual partner countries in which the legal, organisational and financial framework conditions are described and best practice examples of support services are presented.

The analysis of the survey is a major part of the national reports. In order to make use of the results of the survey and the country reports at a European level, a synthesis report will be drawn up to show the similarities and differences of the different countries and to provide a basis for the development of cross-country support instruments for apprentices.

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