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What is an Apprenticeship champion?

Apprenticeship champions are volunteers (in company mentors) from micro, small and medium sized enterprises who give up their own time to inform and communicate positively about their experience in apprenticeship to other businesses and young people with interest in apprenticeship.


The role of ambassadors is:

  • To persuade their peers to start apprenticeship schemes
  • To encourage all forms of innovation and experimentation in the field of apprenticeships
  • To inform enterprises of the advantages and obligations of apprenticeships
  • To make enterprises aware of apprenticeship contracts
  • To meet other SMEs and exchange on apprenticeships
  • To explain their role in apprentice training
  • To share apprenticeships’ good practices
  • To inform apprentices on the skills and training needed to do the job, the career opportunities
  • To raise young people’s interest in an apprenticeship experience.



Why should one join the Apprenticeship Champion Network?

  • To Promote your business
  • Develop your European network and potential markets
  • Make a difference and contribute to improve youth employability and meet the needs of the businesses
  • Develop your own skills and knowledge


What’s in it for you?

  • Attend the events related to the Project and those set up by the Partner
  • Use the SERFA Project tools and services
  • Benefit from the support of a skills broker
  • Develop your network
  • Add up voices to explain that apprenticeship schemes boost youth employability and meet the needs of the businesses
  • Share experiences and liaise among peers
  • Develop tools to communicate on apprenticeships: Undertake a video interview and / or have your portrait displayed on a postcard format: these will be promoted on social media and via the project newsletter
  • Meeting of the Apprenticeship Champions to promote apprenticeships
  • Be invited to apprenticeship events
  • Joining the Network is free.


You want to be part of the network? Click here